Brilliant monkey breakfast toastie with caramelized bananas & pears

Monkey Breakfast Toastie 1

Great healthy breakfast for a good start of your day

This is a super easy, delicious and nutritious breakfast dish that only takes a few minutes to prepare and will leave you wanting more! Banana and pear will turn soft and sweet, there is a hint of freshness from the lemon zest, creamy peanut butter and a nice crunch from the toasted bread. Kids will love this, too, and because you can just put a whole batch of them in the oven at the same time it’s great for a family brunch or similar.

I actually came up with this dish because I really don’t like to throw away food and this is a perfect way to use up bread that has already dried out a bit, as heating the peanut butter will add quite a bit of moisture to the bread. If using fresh bread this whole moisture thing is a bit tricky, so make sure that your slice of bread is not too thin. Also, since the consistency of bananas is a bit softer than the one of pears it’s better to make the pear slices a bit thinner, the banana slices a bit thicker.

Regarding the amount of ingredients: depending on how big the slice of bread is the amounts will vary, but you should be fine with the amounts stated (I added a bit of leeway…).

Alright, this will only take 10 minutes to prepare, so let’s get started!

Serves 4


4 think slices of whole-grain bread
2 bananas, peeled, halved and cut lengthsways into 4 even slices
1 pear, quartered, cored, cut into thin slices
4 tbsp crunchy peanut butter
4 tsp runny honey
zest of one lemon


1. Spread the slices or bread with peanut butter. Cover with fruit slices, alternating banana and pear. Sprinkle with lemon zest and drizzle with honey (use a pastry bush to make sure everything is covered in honey.

2. Place in the oven under the grill at the highest temperature for 3-5 minutes until the banana and pears have caramelized (make sure to monitor this closely, it burns quickly).

Voilà, it’s that easy! Serve right away with a cup of good tea or coffee and enjoy as part of a great start of your day! 🙂

Monkey Breakfast Toastie 2

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